Photo Contest – Hot or Cold India

3D India Introduces for the first times Quarterly Photography Contest for all the Pros and amateur photographers out there in India.

For the first Quarterly photo contest, it seems appropriate to resurrect a popular theme, “Hot or Cold India.” Let’s see what you’ve got this time around.

How are you keeping cool? What images show just how hot or cold it gets here in the summer? It could be an object or particular color; whatever it is, be creative and submit your photos.

Photos posted on Event fitting the criteria will be considered for the contest.

A user can upload only 2 photos in a day (calendar day), kindly do not post more than 2 photos

submit your photos to the contest between 21st April 2014 to midnight 31st May 2014.

If more than 2 photos a day are posted Admin holds authority to delete them from wall or consider any 2 best ignoring other entries.

Photo editors, Gaurav satle, Vinay Gaude and Hitesh Gusani from 3D India will then pick 10 finalists and the 3D Community will vote on them in June. Final Winners will be announced by Mid June 2014

Some Rules

  • Contest open to only Humans from India.
  • Photographs location should be from India.
  • Image submitted should not be less then 1024×768 pixels in size
  • Editing is 100% acceptable, we say what matters is a final result. Process like level and curve setting, adjusting saturation and white-balance editing in any software using various filters are also acceptable, Ensure over editing is not spoiling the photo quality. But adding part of image from other images is not acceptable or removing part of the images completely is not acceptable. Removing dust particles is fine but adding feature like water drop or rays after photo is taken is not acceptable.
  • Watermarks allowed on images, but it should not distract the images.
  • Copyrights will remain with the individual photographers, but 3D India can publish the contest images any were they deem appropriate for noncommercial exhibit’s.
  • Shots in natural light or in studio are acceptable. Using multiple lights may add that special touch and effect in your photo.
  • Exif data will be required for others learning process but is not mandatory

Winning criteria:
The best photos will be selected based on following criteria,
• Sharpness of the image

• Colors captured, natural look. (avoid too much saturation)

• Uniqueness or own creative shot will get more advantage.

• Gr8 use of DOF not too small or not too long (for some photos it may not be applicable)

• Participants Maybe required to submit there RAW or original images if selected as winners.


The First 2 best photo will get a Trophy from 3D India, 3D Glasses, 8″x12″ Print of there winning photo, and a certificate with your (winners) name written on both.

The next 4 runner-up will get 3D Glasses, 8″x12″ Print of there winning photo & certificate from 3D India with their name on it.

We’ll also feature some of the best pictures on 3dindia, and the winners at the end of the Contest.

Admins holds the complete responsibility of judging this competition, shortlisting the winner and delivering the award and certificate to the winner.

So what are you waiting for?? Submit your photos to the contest! Good luck!

Submit your photos


About the Jury.
Gaurav Satle, is self -taught photographer who believes photography to be more of an expression or an art. He has covered a few events and a few of his pics have been considered for some magazines. landscape architecture & candid are his forte. On a personal front he like shooting abstracts.

Vinay Gaode, is an enthusiastic young photographer who started photography at the early age of 16 years, started as wedding photographer, covered events, then diverted to graphics designing. Very passionate about Photography till date.

Hitesh Gusani is a artist, photographer, film maker and has multiple personality order, who is specializing in 3d photography and movie making. He founded 3d India 10 years back with a mission to spread 3d photography across India.

Special thanks to our friend Sagar Jogdeo who is creating the excel sheet for judging to be given to judges

About the Sponsors.
The award for contest” Hot & Cool India” is been sponsored by “3D India”. 3D India Provides service in 3d photography and 3D Videography, 3D India is also
manufacturer & suppliers of 3D Glasses in India, 3D India Holds regular workshops and classes on 3d photography & specialized photography across India.

Thanks and regards,
Hitesh Gusani (CTO) 3D India
Richa Gusani (CEO) 3D India
web :
facebook :
youtube :


workshop_collage3-695x491Registrations open for ‘two-days Creative Photography Workshop’ on 30th March 2014 Sunday and 31st March Monday 2014. Hurry up!!

Struggling with all the buttons and menus on your new camera? Frustrated with the quality of your photos? Bored of your routine? Don’t know what to do on weekend? Well, then you can join us on our creative photography workshop. The workshop also aims to make the participants know the different features available on their camera and how to make best use of it for creative and fun photography and also how you can earn from it.

Objective of the workshop:
Basic photography, Composition, Macro, Basic 360 Spherical and rectilinear panoramic shoots, basic 3d stereo photography, 3d movie making tips, HDR imagine,auto & manual time-lapse using any camera, creating time lapse movies on computer, uploading a video on a website like google video and youtube.

Workshop Fees Rs 2000/-
Batch and timings:

30th March 2014 Sunday 2014, Morning 10am to 6pm

2 pm -3 pm: Lunch Break

Session By Hitesh Gusani,

31th March 2014 Monday 2014, Morning 10am to 6pm

2 pm -3 pm: Lunch Break

Session By Hitesh Gusani,

Venue : B/305, Kuber Bhuvan, Bajaj Road, Vile Parle west, above national decorate, Mumbai 400056. 2 min walk from vile parle west station.

Last date of Registration 28th March 2014


Things that will be provided.
Certification will be given after successful completion of Workshop.
Material that will be provided includes free Cd with softwares, images, 3D Glasses for 3d photos.
Lunch, tea snacks for 2 days.

Workshop Venue : Venue : B/305, Kuber Bhuvan, Bajaj Road, Vile Parle west, above national decorater, Mumbai 400056. 2 min walk from vile parle west station.

Age group : 12-65

Requirement : Passion for experimentation, any camera, basic computer & internet knowledge.

PARTICIPANTS has to bring in their camera, data cable, card reader and laptop if possible

Students should be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files, and should know navigating on the computer. Bring in your laptop if possible.
After the workshop students will be in contact with others through group interactions, and will be invited for future field trips.

Participate with us at Shashvat14, 3D Photography workshop

shashvatWith quarter year coming to an end, we will be taking up a 3d photography and light painting workshop at Shashvat 14. We will be there at ADIT on 21st March 2014 to conduct a workshop on 3d photography and light painting, we are excited to meet the young and creative minds at Shashvat 14.

The 3d photography workshop will take students on a path to make there own 3d photos using any camera, which they will be able to see with the 3d red cyan glasses provided by 3D India. They will also get knowledge of how 3d movies work in red cyan format. 3D India will also do a free light painting workshop for the students where they can become a artist by painting in air using a led lights.

About Shashvat 14.

Mark the three days from March 20th to 22nd , 2014 on your calendars, as Shashvat shall keep you engrossed in a plethora of professional shows, competitions and lectures that have something for everybody. The serene campus of ADIT shall be transformed into a hub of activity and radical thinking as students and engineers from all over the globe shall descend in thousands to witness the latest in technology and science. With some of the sharpest minds of the globe converging under one banner, one can expect to go back inspired.

You can see the events happening at Shashvat 14. on there website at

Is wedding a illusion?






Beginners Creative photography workshop

workshop_collage31 Day Creative photography workshop, Learn how to use your digital camera effectively and be in control of its main functions and settings. This is a short, Creative & fun based photography workshop to teach you about your camera, and make the best use of it.

When : 2nd Feb Sunday 2014 at Borivalli National Park from 7.30 Am to 1.00 Pm FEES : Whatever you feel the worth of it

For registration Contact Richa Gusani on 09869080320
WHERE: Borivalli National Park

TIMES: Sunday 7.30am to 1 pm

ADMISSION: Advance Booking Essential as we have limited seats

Fees : whatever you feel the worth of it

This short photography workshop is for beginners or those who wish to step away from Auto mode, and learn all the function of the camera.

Beginners Photography workshop by 3d India – How To Use Your Digital Camera Workshop

Learn how to use your digital camera effectively and be in control of its main functions and settings. This is a short, Creative & fun based photography workshop to teach you about your camera, and make the best use of it.

During the course you learn about, white balance settings, understanding how to achieve correct exposures, creative shutter speeds and aperture priority settings, understanding and interpreting histograms, focal areas and more…

This is a practical photography course where you practice and demonstrate your learning on location.

This short photography workshop is for beginners or those who wish to step away from Auto mode. We use outdoor locations in National Park. Our groups are small so that every workshop member participates during our photography training sessions.

A workshop that will teach you the following things:

1)Essential techniques to take better photographs with your camera!
-Rule of thirds
-Subject Recognition
-Depth of field
-Shutter speed, ISO
-White balance

2)Know our camera in n out!
-Introduction to all the amazing camera features.
-How to shoot Tiny objects
-Continuous/Burst Mode
-How and when to use flash
-How to take better care of your Camera

3) Creative Fun Photography!
-How to click better Portrait
-Forced Perspective
-Motion Freeze
-Trick Photography

Sunday 2nd Feb 2014 from 7.30am to 4Pm

For more information please contact 3D India and speak with Hitesh Gusani on 09324260320

3D animated wedding New Delhi

SBSDSCF0148 Marriage is really tough because you have to deal with feelings ~ Karan Walia

Congratulations on your wedding day,
Each of you is very special in your own way.
Together you are even more special,
May your love will never be perishable!

May your married life be full of laughter
And you will love each other forever after!
Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

As you unite today in love and in friendship, I wish you happiness that reaches every corner of your heart!

Congratulations on your union as life partners! I’m so happy that the two of you have found love in each other. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

A wedding day is to be cherished as you begin your new life together as a couple. I am so proud of you.


On this special day of your wedding
wishing you happiness and love
like the unending circle of your wedding ring.

You two are perfect together! Wishing you love and happiness on your special day!

Congratulations on the start of something beautiful! Much love, health and happiness to you both on this happy occasion.

To find true love and to share one dream is a blessing. May you have many happy years together!

2 people, 2 lives, 1 love! Enjoy love that grows and knows no end! Congrats!

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We make quality 3D Corporate Videos,3D Products, 3d Internet virals & 3D TV Advts.To Make any 3D Corporate Video

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Web :

Welcome to 3D India

3D India is a community website for stereoscopic lovers.

To buy 3D red cyan red blue glasses in India call us on 09324260320 or email us at hitmoments(at) to ask for quotation


3D Community : A place for people to network with other 3d photographers and movie makers. A place to show your 3d photos, videos and 3d experiment and network with other people interested in 3d in India



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Project 365 – 3D, Little joy of Life

header_365_3d_projectBegins… 21st March 2014 – 20th March 2015

I came across few friends 365 photo a day project on social media website and got excited to start my own 365 photo a day project myself.

Initially when I saw there images daily It inspired me to start my own 365 project, but to make it different then the regular one, I selected a theme “Little Joy of Life” and to add a little more dimension to the Joys I added Stereoscopic 3D elements in my 365 3D Project of Photo a day.

I present you here my personal 365 3D Photo a day project based on my perception of Little Joy of Life.

I hope you will like my Journey of 3D Little joy of Life as I take you to my internal landscape.

Do comment and leave feedback on “what you feel and not what you think” on my Journey of Little Joy of Life.

Yours in 3D depth Hitesh Gusani

All the image on this site is CC Free for any use. You can use any of the 3D image from my 365 Days project anywhere you like without my permission. Only thing I ask is to Payback anyway possible by you to the society.